DONATE is now LISTENER SUPPORTED and commercial free.  I would love to keep this platform going under this format.  Making a donation is the way to do this.  Donations help me offset costs so I have so that your favorite songs stay in a commercial free setting.  Perhaps you can give $5 bucks which is a coffee at Starbucks.  Every little donation helps.

Donations goes towards

  • Royalties
  • Streaming
  • Music purchases and monthly subscriptions
  • Payment recovery for licenses used to run, schedule music & events.
  • MP3 database license to organize music for both our MEGASHUFFLE channels.
  • third party web apps
  • Electricity
  • Server purchases



Donation Incentives updated April 2017

If commercial free music isn’t enough incentive for you, perhaps a donation incentive would help with your decision.

Current Donation Incentives

NEW NEW NEW ANY $20 or above, or any amount RE-occurring donation will get you our incentive of the ON-AIR Thank You message recorded by Steve.

Some may not want to hear their whole name so we will shorten it like John from Ontario Canada.  We can also run the thank you with your full name with specific okay.

LOWER AMOUNT for April… Donation $35: A six pack of MEGASHUFFLE cup coasters featuring the logo on one side of ALL HIT REMIXES and the other ALTERNATIVE ROCK VARIETY on the other. Graphic below..






PLEASE NOTE:  You can donate any amount and opt – out of an incentive if you want that.  Incentives are optional. If you like to be anonymous from this website, the words anonymous donation can easily be used here on our website. Simply mention your intention in the comments of the PAYPAL form.

Thank you to those who support MEGASHUFFLE.  

April 2017 Donation thanks to:

  • Ann – Colorado – USA

March 2017 Donation thanks to:

  • Ann – Colorado – USA
  • Roderick – Saskatchewan Canada
  • JP – Canada 
  • Stephan – Germany
  • Michael – UK
  • Vladan – Serbia
  • Patrick – USA
  • Jamie – Toronto
  • February 2017 Donation thanks to:

  • Nico – South Africa
  • Michael – United Kingdom
  • Trent – Calgary
  • Adreas – Munich Germany
  • Lars – Denmark
  • Andy – (unknown location)

January 2017 Donation thanks to:

  • Jeremy – United Kingdom
  • Ann – Colorado -United States
  • Greg (Anonymous Location)
  • Stephan – Germany
  • David – Ontario Canada
  • (anonymous donation) Canada
  • Blake – Canada
  • Leilani -United States

December 2016 Donation thanks to:

  • Stephen (unknown location)

November 2016 :

  • no donations were made

October 2016 Donation thanks to:

  • BLAKE – Alberta
  • Kevin – London