Birthday June 14, 2006

Owner “Steve from MEGASHUFFLE”


MEGASHUFFLE.com is a listener supported commercial free internet radio station with 2 terrific channels to offer to listeners around the world. Both channels Alternative Rock Variety and All Hit Remixes are available on iTunes, Apple TV, Tune-IN, and other fine internet radio directories. 

MEGASHUFFLE is pretty much ran by one person. The word “ran” covers programming, website, imaging, social media, and everything else seen or heard here. Our broadcast servers are located in Canada.

Royalties to artists are handled by Sonixcast.

Our Goal

MEGASHUFFLE.com’s overall goal is to provide a means to enjoy niche programming without annoyances.  I am grateful that fans donate money to assist with everything associated with running the channels.  As long as the fans are there, I will enjoy to continue the broadcasts.


Alternative Rock Variety (a.k.a MEGASHUFFLE ARV – started June 14, 2006)

ARV plays today’s popular Alternative music with interesting Indie cuts with one click.  Our variety stretches from the 70s to the present day. The MEGASHUFFLE ARV app is available MEGASHUFFLE.com/apps or your web store.


All Hit Remixes (a.k.a. MEGASHUFFLE AHR – is the second station created by MEGASHUFFLE.com. It launched September 9, 2009 first as MEGASHUFFLE.net then later as ANYWHORADIO.com April 7, 2011. Later we moved the station under the MEGASHUFFLE umbrella July 7, 2012)

AHR plays Top 40 Remixes and Electronic Dance music with one click. The MEGASHUFFLE AHR app is available MEGASHUFFLE.com/apps or your web store.





Altenative Rock Variety – @megashuffle

All Hit Remixes – @allhitremixes